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Senior Year! Your most important year in High School. Let's capture how fabulous you are with a portrait session that will wow them all! This is an opportunity to create lasting memories that you, your family and friends will enjoy for years; images that will inspire confidence in what your future holds.

Preparing for your session:

Location/Setting: What’s your ideal setting for your portraits? Do you see yourself surrounded by country fields or farms? A shady wooded enclave? Or do you have an urban/city vibe in mind? Perhaps a combination? Have you been impressed with friends or family photos from a specific location? Let me know your thoughts so we can begin to plan the logistics of the photoshoot. If you are stumped or not sure, don't worry. I have a list of great area locations we can discuss once you book your session.

What to Wear: Pinterest is an excellent source for “looks” for portraits. I strongly recommend harvesting some ideas and saving to idea boards, as these are great for fashion inspiration. Try on possible outfits to verify they fit properly and feel comfortable. As we approach session day, narrow down your inspiration boards and outfits. Along with location and setting, your outfit choice(s) plays a key role in session success. Clothing should complement your style, and coordinate well with the setting where the images will be taken. Also consider where in your home the portraits will be displayed. You will want the portraits to complement the room in which they are displayed.

If possible, send me a phone snapshot of yourself wearing the outfit(s) you intend to wear during the photo session including jewelry (watches, earrings, belts, shoes, other accessories) prior to the shoot. Depending on the look and the selected location(s), I may make some attire suggestions or help coordinate outfits with settings/locations.

Outfit considerations:

  • Wear what you are comfortable and confident wearing. When you are comfortable and confident, you will feel your best and it will show in your portraits.
  • Mid-tones (darker yellow/gold, mid-tone blues and reds colors) work well. Any colors that are bright and vibrant will also work well. Unless you have darker complexion or are very tan, I recommend avoiding anything super-pale. The exception would be if you are going specifically for a soft, dreamy, high key look.
  • Avoid anything with large logos and avoid bold patterns if possible. These can be distracting in photos.
  • Your outfit(s) should be pressed or wrinkle free to the extent possible
  • Many shoots are done outside, and in high humidity curls can go flat. Your hair may get windswept. Keep your hairstyle simple for the best outcome.
  • For girls, pale lipstick shades will blend in with your skin in photos. Consider choosing colors that add pop. Or consider going pale for one look, and dramatic for your second look.
  • Consider including elements that represent you or your activities in school. Letterman jackets, sports equipment, uniform elements, anything that you took pride in while in school. They won’t be included on all shots but it will be nice to have some images including these elements.
  • Relax and have fun during the shoot! We will capture hundreds of images and letting your personality show through will make for great photos.

Other considerations:

High Temps: Temperatures can reach uncomfortable, even unhealthy levels during the summer in the South Jersey area. Together with high humidity, the combination can become dangerous. I have witnessed heat injuries while serving in the Army and I can testify that they can be life threatening and are not to be taken lightly. In the event of high temperatures extended over successive days, we can plan for alternative locations that provide shade, and take precautions such as pre-hydration to ensure a safe and happy photoshoot. If the heat becomes too much, together we may decide to reschedule.

Rain: Weather in the South Jersey area can be unpredictable. I always check the weather forecast the day prior to our photoshoot. If stormy weather is in the forecast for our session day, I may recommend that we reschedule. I will find an alternative date that will work for us both.

Senior Portrait Session

Session Fee $349

Fee includes 2 hours shooting time

Locations: Up to two locations within 25 miles of West Deptford, NJ (trip fee may apply over 25 miles)

Wardrobe Changes: Unlimited

Online Gallery of at least 200 images for proofing

$50 credit towards prints and other products ($200 minimum purchase required)

*A $50 retainer is required to hold any date. Sessions are typically scheduled for 2 hours before sunset.